Andrew Snowdon


Q: What’s with the name?
A: It’s a nod to Daniel MacIvor’s This Is A Play, which I think is brilliant. It’s basically a series of theatre inside jokes that’s an absolute scream (even if you don’t get all the jokes). You want to bluff your way through a theatre afterparty? See (and then read) This Is A Play and Google everything you don’t understand. Follow the links.

Q: So you think you’re some kind of genius like Daniel MacIvor?
A: Fuck no.

Q: This used to be called the other blog, right?
A: Yeah. I like this name better. I mean, the other blog originally… it was a secondary blog. I had a main website/blog thing, and then the other blog. See, it was clever at the time.

Q: Do you have other blogs?
A: Kinda.

Q: What do you mean, “kinda”?
A: I have one or two. I rarely update them.

Q: Why not?
A: If you have nothing to say, keep your mouth shut; go to commercial, you know? I don’t always have something to say. Or I can’t articulate it. I try to separate out different major topics to different blogs.

Q: Does that work for you?
A: No. Not at all.

Q: So… what other blogs do you have?
A: You know, I don’t keep a list…

Q: Never mind. I have Google open. What’s My Bad Idea all about? That seems pretty funny.
A: Oh, that. Well, I have lots of ideas; like anyone, some of them are good, but most of them are really awful. The trouble is, I don’t just throw them out. I develop them to their point of absurdity. I was going out with this really nice girl for a short period of time, and she got tired of hearing my bad ideas after a while, so I started writing them in blog form. Then, whenever I started in on one of my bad ideas, she would say “tell it to your blog”, and I would.

Q: So it saved the relationship?
A: Well, no.

Q: Why “snobiwan”?
A: Oh, that. Back when the second “new” Star Wars movie came out, I worked with a guy who was a big Star Wars fan, and he came up to me and he was like, “Hey Obi-Wan!” And I had no idea what he was talking about because I had grown up with Alec Guinness and the first movie had a Trainspotting-thin, clean-shaven Ewan McGregor. So he showed me a magazine, and there was Ewan McGregor with longish hair and a beard, and he looked just like a (somewhat thinner) me (without the glasses, but I wore contacts at the time, so yeah). It stuck. People have called me Master Kenobi on the bus. I get a kick out of it. I also routinely mislead people as to the location and identity of robots.

Q: Aren’t you afraid that will brand you as a Star Wars nerd forever?
A: It’s something I have to live with. I tried to drop the name once, and people complained. It’s like being an actor famous for playing one character, so he can’t play anything else, and he can’t stop playing that character.

Q: So he fakes his own death?
A: What? Who?

Q: The actor. He fakes his death. Flies his plane into the side of the mountain, but he’s really safe on the ground, right?
A: Uh… sure. Keep working on that. Good premise. The difference being that I am the character, so I’m not really stuck with anything. As long as I age gracefully and wear a lot of beige, I should be fine.

Q: Who asks you these questions?
A: You do.

Q: Frequently?
A: Constantly.

Q: Hey, wait a minute. Have you just been bluffing your way through theatre afterparties based on Googling what you didn’t understand in This Is A Play?
A: Of course not! I’ve been bluffing my way through theatre afterparties based on crib notes from Stanislavsky Directs.

Q: Is that everything?
A: For now.

Q: Well?  Shall we go?
A: Yes, let’s go.


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